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Without masks public entry in offices banned by sindh govt

Karachi: The Sindh government banned entry into all its public and administrative offices without wearing a face mask. In this regard, the provincial government issued an advisory wherein it stated that nobody would have permission to enter without wearing a face mask in departments, attached departments, subordinate offices, and autonomous bodies.

The advisory added that officials in the workplace were required to maintain a social distance of at least three feet at all times. It directed the general administration to provide the staff with face masks. Furthermore, the notice said that staff with flu, cough, body ache, and shortness of breath would not have permission to enter the premises.

Meanwhile, the advisory stated that people of 50 years of age and more with underlying health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, allergies, kidney issues, asthma, and immune-compromised states should perform duties from home.

The advisory further instructed:

  • To display messages, signs, and posters of social distancing at workplaces
  • Departments & offices to be no smoking zones – employees advised not to smoke
  • Public not allowed to visit public departments
  • Publicise online complaint portals for the public
  • Screening of employees before entrance\
  • Setting up health desk at entry points
  • Immediate testing of symptomatic & suspected employees
  • Administrative heads to email list of such employees to ‘’ with names, designations, age, and contact numbers

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