Why we need home staging in Pakistan Home staging is the art of preparing a house for sale in the real estate market. Many of you might be coming across this term for the first time, while others may have only heard it in the context of foreign real estate markets.

The Pakistani take on home staging

This idea hasn’t really taken root in our country’s real estate market yet. Sellers don’t really want to go through the hassle, or they think the money spent on it would not be worth it. When we talked to property agents about their views on the matter, the standard response was, ‘’Pakistan mein ye sab kon karta hy?’’ (Who does all this in Pakistan?).

Well, we should start doing it in Pakistan, and here is why.

Home staging matters

The fact is that it is worth investing time and money in. You can make your property more competitive in the market by presenting it in the best light possible, and that has many advantages.

You can increase your asking price

Calculation of the exact value of a property is a factor encompassing a lot more than just the price of land and the structure built over it. The feel and vibes you get when you are there do count for something. Small renovations, facelifts, and touch-ups here and there can have a major impact on how much the buyer is willing to pay for it. Sometimes, the decisive factor can be an emotional connection that may appeal to potential buyers when it’s time to make an offer.

You can sell quickly

In real estate, time is money. A buyer usually surveys a lot of homes before finally reaching a decision. If you want to decrease the time your house remains on the market, you need to make it stand out among all the options a buyer has.

Consider a hypothetical scenario: a potential buyer visited two homes with almost the same features in the same locality. One has a clutter of things lying around here and there, and the other is well-decorated according to a particular theme. Do you think the properly organised home will face much competition?

The ready-to-move-in feel can be critical

Perhaps the biggest reason home staging works is that it gives the buyer the peace of mind that there isn’t a lot to be done before moving in. Making finishing touches can take a lot of time and many buyers are willing to pay a little extra to avoid it. This can also be the difference between a closed deal and an almost-closed one.

First things first

You need to fix major issues your home has before you move on to other things like the ambience and vibes it gives to the visitors. After all, if your roof has water seepage, the potential buyer isn’t going to care how on point your interior design is. So give your home a fresh coat of paint, renovate your damaged floors and walls, and improve the look of your lawn before going ahead with home staging.

Would you consider staging your home before showing it to a potential buyer? Have you ever done it to sell your home? How did it go? Talk to us in the comments section below.


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