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What is the New Keti Bunder Seaport Project, know the all information here

Just like Port Qasim and the Port of Karachi, Keti Bunder Sea Port Project is an under-development commercial harbour sitting along the coast of the Arabian Sea. The project was initiated to promote the industries that would embrace efficient energy alternatives and help the medium and small scale industries to establish themselves. In this blog, we will give you an overview of the Keti Bunder Project, along with its location and the latest development updates.

We will begin by giving you an introduction to the project and its location in a remote area of Thatta. Afterwards, we will discuss its exact location and some important factors associated with the site. In the end, we will talk about the significant features and the current situation of the project.

So, keep reading as we reveal some interesting facts about the Keti Bunder Seaport!


Fishing harbour at Keti Bunder Seaport
Currently, Keti Bunder serves as an important fishing harbour

Similar to our past efforts where we compiled all the significant China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects in Pakistan, such as CPEC City, Nowshera, Rashakai Special Economic Zone (RSEZ), and Dhabeji Special Economic Zone, we are back with a detailed overview of the Keti Bunder Seaport Project.

Before we get to the details of the project, here’s a small take on what was the need behind the development of this project in a remote area of Sindh.

It is no secret that Pakistan has a rich history of trade across the globe via sea. We also know for a fact that the transportation sector is a powerful medium for economic development, while the seaports also make an important contribution to the country’s economy. The current government wants to strengthen the current position of harbours in the country and expand their contributions.

On the other hand, seaports in Pakistan serve as not only an economic handle but also a social function, keeping the country connected to the rest of the world. Now that you have developed familiarity with the need for this project in Sindh, let’s pick up from where we left off.

Initially, the Keti Bunder Seaport was introduced as an independent project, but a few years after the proposal, the project was included in the CPEC. The port has been revived from the remains of an older seaport, which was functional before Sindh was conquered by Muhammad Bin Qasim.

The project comprises several segments, but there are two most important aspects to it. To begin with, Keti Bunder Seaport will house a power station at Keti Bunder, which will use coal-based energy alternatives. It will also elevate the trend of start-ups within this region of Sindh by supporting medium and small-sized businesses.


Google maps location of Keti Bander Seaport
Keti Bunder Seaport will be developed near Hajamro Creek

Situated in the Rome of Sindh – Thatta, the Keti Bunder seaport is on Hajamro Creek. The port is accessible from Gharo Road, which is connected to the city of Keti Bunder – a historical city in the province. If we further analyse the location of the Keti Bunder Seaport, we can see that the project shares the same coastline as many islands near Karachi.

Considering the near-perfect location of the Keti Bunder Seaport, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the project will give a whole new meaning to communication and trade in Sindh. Not to mention that it will connect the remote city [of Keti Bunder] and its nearby areas with the rest of the country, making it extremely accessible for tourists as well as investors.

Moreover, its proximity to Keti Bunder Wildlife Sanctuary – which is home to natural resources and minerals – will facilitate several industries located in this area.


The manufacturing units, industries, and trade centres that will operate in or near the zone of Keti Bunder Project, Thatta, will have access to the following natural and man-made amenities:

  • Proximity to National Highway (N-10)
  • Easy access to the coastal areas of Karachi
  • Connected to Gharo and Mirpur Sakro – two developing towns of Sindh

Moreover, the project itself will feature energy-efficient businesses and provide an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to grow in a supportive environment.


Keti Bunder has been introduced as a part of CPEC
Keti Bunder has been initiated as a part of CPEC

The project details and progress of Keti Bunder Seaport can be checked on the official website of CPEC. For now, the developmental scheme is in its initial stages and has recorded the below-mentioned progress:

  • Added as a part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects
  • Further studies and consultations for the project will soon be initiated
  • The project has been referred to JWGs for consideration

So, this is where we present the gist of our blog. We have shared all the necessary information that you should have about the Keti Bunder Seaport Project, including its background, location, features, and development progress. We’ll keep this post updated with the latest information. So, bookmark this page and keep visiting timely.

Moreover, if you want to keep track of other developments in the same region, browse our recently published blog where we have disclosed some important projects in Sindh that aim to elevate trade and living standards in the province.


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