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Turkish real estate construction giant visting Pakistan in March

Lahore: A Turkish real estate construction giant, Nevita, has announced its visit to Pakistan in March – seeking an expansion in its business relations with the country

The visiting company, belonging to the FUZUL group of companies, will stay at Karachi’s Ramada Plaza Hotel from March 1 to March 4 and will proceed to Lahore Pearl Continental Hotel from March 5 to March 7.

The diplomatic relations between Turkey and Pakistan have strengthened due to various cultural and business events held in recent years – that took place in both the countries. Both sides have made efforts develop strong relations in all fields. In this regard, the High-Level Cooperation Council also went under up-gradation to the High-level Strategic Cooperation Council.

Turkey has invested in energy, finance, construction, contracting sectors and infrastructure projects. Construction has remained the leading sector for Turkish investors in Pakistan. Currently, there are 17 large Turkish companies are running operations in Pakistan.


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