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Sindh will utilize local funding to finance for 2nd phase of rehabilitation and dualization of KCR

Karachi: The provincial government announced  that it would utilize local funding to finance the second phase of the rehabilitation and dualization of the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR). The relevant officials revealed that the government would be less reliant on foreign financial assistance for the project.

The project was recently approved at a cost of PKR 8.70 billion. The PC-1 indicates that the project includes the rehabilitation and dualisation of the existing 30-kilometre (km) track of the KCR – starting from Karachi City Station and ending on Drigh Road Station. For this purpose, an additional track would be constructed. On the other hand, the existing tracks would undergo renewal procedures to meet the added track’s standards.

For the new tracks, there would be constructions of new bridges, along with upgradation of the station buildings. The KCR Phase II will also include the construction of a Standard-I colour light signalling system for the double track on all stations.

Reportedly, the infrastructure to be upgraded during the KCR Phase II will help accommodate 24,000 passengers on a daily bases with an average operating speed of 50 km per hour. Earlier, the Supreme Court (SC) had ordered a two-track operation and construction of railway stations with all amenities, fencing of railway tracks, and installation of a modern signalling system.


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