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Sindh Govt Launching Automated Mechanism for Real Estate Sector to Halt Corruption

Karachi: The Sindh government has automated the province’s real estate sector in a bid to curb the corrupt practices traditionally associated with local property dealings.

According to officials, the new system will allow the general public to finalise their property-related matters remotely.

People will have the facility to obtain No-Objection Certificates (NOCs), required verifications, property-selling documents, and registration of property right from their homes.

The Department of Revenue installed the new system, which would also focus on computerising the data available on properties, making information accessible, and improving revenue management. The new system would soon start operating across the province. It would also provide home delivery service of documents at an additional fee for the deed.

Meanwhile, the provincial government also plans to introduce E-stamp papers. It expects this revolutionary step to eliminate the prevalence of fake stamp papers in Sindh.


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