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Sindh Govt divided city’s markets into 13 sectors for reopening on rotational basis

Karachi: The provincial government, in an effort to check further corona virus spread, has divided the city’s markets into 13 sectors for gradual reopening on a rotational basis. The government has made this decision in light of concerns that the reopening of all markets and shops, simultaneously, would have an adverse effect on the efforts made so far to fight the spread of the infection.

Sindh ministers Mukesh Kumar Chawla, Saeed Ghani, Imtiaz Shaikh, and Syed Nasir Hussain Shah were part of the ministerial committee that negotiated with traders in developing a consensus over the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for this initiative. The committee submitted a plan regarding the division of Karachi markets to Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah on Sunday. The plan is designed to recommend standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the reopening of markets gradually amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

The aforementioned SOPs are related to the issue of social distancing among market employees and shoppers, and is aimed at ensuring that hygienic conditions are maintained in the markets in order to protect against the coronavirus.

Reportedly, the markets and shops will be opened on a rotational basis on alternative days. All outlets related to a particular sector will remain open for a day with coordination. Additionally, the small traders community and their representatives have agreed to the procedures outlined by the government, and have further affirmed that the market would not be completely opened at this juncture.

Moreover, it was revealed that the Sindh CM would also be dispatching the said SOPs, along with his own recommendations, to Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan for final approval.


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