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Sindh Govt announced projects of 802 billion PKR to modernise the Karachi

Karachi: The government of Sindh on Thursday announced launching 24 development projects worth PKR 802.39 billion to modernise the city’s infrastructure after the rain-hit metropolitan was seen to reel from the recent influx of heavy monsoon rains and the resultant flooding. The said initiatives relate to water supply, sewerage, solid waste disposal, road infrastructure, drainage, and mass transit.

The Sindh government also shared the details of its own contributions to these projects and asked the federal government to match these efforts so that the metropolis could be ‘modernised’.

For water supply projects, a sum of PKR 11.3 billion has already been spent; with another PKR 46.3 billion still needed. For this end, a bolus of approximately PKR 20 billion will be provided by the World Bank; with the effort geared to increase Karachi’s water supply by 260 million gallons per day (MGD) under the Karachi Water and Sewerage Services Improvement Project (KWSSIP).

The government has also initiated 30 water supply projects under its Annual Development Programme (ADP); with PKR 3.1 billion already having been utilised in development expenditures – while the remaining funds are yet to be released.

The other planned projects include the following:

  • Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan (S-III)
  • Water Treatment Plant in Korangi under KWSSIP
  • Project to clean water from nullahs and temporary storage/dewatering facilities
  • Schemes relating to storm water drains
  • Construction of the Malir Expressway (among other underpasses and roads)
  • Karachi Circular Railway
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects

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