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SC lashes at KMC on failure to evacuate encroached amenity plots

KARACHI: The Supreme Court on Saturday rebuked the municipal authorities for their miscarriage in steering clear of illegally encroached amenity properties.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed, in a two-judge bench, lashed out remarks against the measures taken by the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) and rejected report provided by the KMC attendees during the litigation.

The apex court, in a reference against illegally occupied amenity plots, denounced the concerned authorities on failure to evacuate illegally-occupied marriage halls and footpaths encroached by the hoteliers, in response to the count of such 35,000 amenity plots that were read out from KMC report during the November 29 litigation.

Director General KDA Saeed Siddiqui responded that the institution did not have sufficient machinery to remove the encroachments and sought an extended deadline in the course.

Justice Gulzar warned the municipal authorities of stringent actions and suggested to abrogate from authority if the current modus operandi remains frequent in case of illegal encroachment of public amenity plots in the city.

The court demanded the KDA, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and Deputy Commissioners for immediate evacuation of welfare plots. It was also revealed that KDA land worth over Rs1 trillion was illegally occupied.


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