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SBCA bans sale & purchase in illegal projects across the province

Karachi: The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has banned the sale and purchase activity in illegal projects across the province; further announcing its decision to demolish all illegal constructions.

To this effect, SBCA has stated that it took this measure in order to protect the public interest; adding that it has commenced with an operation to protect the masses from the possible harm of such constructions in Sindh.

Moreover, it asked the citizens to report:

  • Sale and purchase in illegal projects
  • Promotion of projects found operating without SBCA’s approval
  • Use of low-quality material on small plots
  • Construction of commercial buildings on residential buildings
  • Illegal activities by portion mafia
  • Continuation of residence in illegal projects despite several notices
  • Construction of additional floors without required approvals
  • Demolition and construction of additional structures in old buildings

In a related development, the authority has directed the departments concerned against providing utility services to illegal projects. Further, it has ordered property registrars against issuing lease or sale deeds without approvals of completion plans of the projects.

In its notification, the SBCA has reminded the public that it has completely banned the sale and purchase in illegally-constructed projects; declaring the construction of projects without approval or renting out such spaces to be illegal.

The authority has advised that in order to protect themselves against fraudulent elements, the public should verify completion plans from the SBCA before making investments in any residential schemes.


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