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Rs 1,100 billion development package for Karachi is “a good start” – Bilawal

Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said the Rs1,100 billion development package for Karachi is “a good start”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the package during his one-day visit to the megapolis Saturday. “The amount includes packages of both the federal and provincial government,” he said.

The Sindh government would fund Rs 800 billion projects while the federation would provide Rs300 billion for the city’s development

“This is a good start for Karachi’s development but the people of this province require relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation,” he said. “For that, we are looking towards the centre.”

The PPP chairman said his party’s government had provided Watan Cards and Pakistan Cards to people during the 2010 superflood in Sindh and rehabilitated the affected masses.

“The way agriculture has been destroyed today, the losses incurred by small businessmen and common people… the chief minister has urged the centre for their rehabilitation their relief,” he said. “The people of Sindh are drowning, their crops, their lives and possessions are in danger.”

Bilawal said the provincial government is trying to help them at every step. He appealed to the centre to step in too.


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