Responsibility to pick up garbage of the city is not mine – Mayor Karachi

Karachi: Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar has said that it is the responsibility of Sindh government not to pick up garbage.

According to details, Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar while talking to Tv Channel said that the Sindh government should be asked what is the purpose of setting up Sindh Solid Waste Board, what is Sindh Solid Waste Board doing.

Wasim Akhtar said that picking up garbage is not my responsibility but the responsibility of Sindh government. “After the 2013 Local Government Act, it was no longer my responsibility to pick up garbage,” he said.

The Mayor of Karachi said that 16,000 tons of garbage is collected in Karachi, out of which 8,000 tons can be seen on the landfill site and half on drains and roads. Wonder is the law.

“I give points to my performance when I have full authority. If I don’t have revenue and authority, what can I say about my rating,” he said.

Wasim Akhtar said that Sindh government should be asked why 140-A was not implemented.

The mayor of Karachi further said that if the next local body elections are to be held with the same powers, then I suggest that they should not be held. There is no point in holding such elections, it is a waste of money.


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