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Press conference of the Nazimabad Residency Association against illegal construction in the Karachi

Press conference of the members of the Nazimabad Residency Association and All Pakistan Organization of Small Traders Karachi against illegal constructions across the city

During the media talk, Mahmood Hamid said that illegal constructions in Karachi have endangered the lives of the citizens. The charge of Sindh Building Control Authority should be given to Rangers. Illegal constructions are still going on in different areas of the city.

SBCA officials allow illegal constructions with money, constructions are being done in the city without maps, commercial constructions are being done on residential plots, Sindh Building officials have turned a blind eye, DG Complained to SBCA several times but no action was taken

He said that the portion mafia is now fully active in the city. Taking advantage of the lockdown, the portion mafia has become active again in a street where there were 20 houses. Today, the portion mafia has built 70 houses.

Chief Justice to take immediate action against illegal constructions, SBCA officers take action on illegal constructions with money and the house is rebuilt.

According to the law of Sindh Building Control Authority, ground plus 2 is allowed up to 399 yards. Mafia is constructing 5 and 6 storey buildings at 80 and 120 yards in the city. Such a building can cause a major accident at any time.


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