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Preparations completed for grand operation in Scheme 33 against Land Mafia

Karachi: The land mafia has tightened its grip on Scheme 33, which is being patronized by the police and some government officials.

According to reports, government and private lands in Scheme 33 are being sold under the fake name of Senior Member Accountant General Sindh Cooperative Housing Society, against which preparations for a major grand operation have been completed.

According to the details received by Property Post, the land grabbing mafia is selling public and private lands by seizing them through fake documents.

Preparations for a grand operation against the Occupy Mafia have been completed in Scheme 33 after dozens of applications were submitted by citizens to government agencies.

According to the details, under the auspices of the district corrupt administration and the police, the land mafia has stepped into the scheme 33. The sale and purchase of lands worth billions of rupees is in full swing.

In this regard, the lands are being seized and sold in the name of fake society of Senior Member Accountant General Sindh (AG SINDH) Cooperative Housing Society.

Deh Songal Naklas-1 Sector 27-A Scheme 33 49 acres of public and private lands have been seized by the land mafia and sold under the supervision of the police.

According to sources, Mirza Afzal Baig, Tariq Khan, Asad Lahoti Gabol, Javed Iqbal, Wasim Ahmed and Hazrat Bakhsh Kalhoor and others have come to the fore.

It should be noted that the letter No. 1/5 / 2020 / PSO (M) / MO dated July 20, 2020 of Rafiq Ahmed Khokhar, an officer of the Federal Minister for Home Affairs, Islamabad, was sent to the FIA ​​to investigate the cell deed filed against Mirza Afzal Baig The letter No. CK / ACR / PA / 958/2020 of Assistant Commissioner Karachi Revenue Asma Batool was issued on 22nd December, 2020 on the direction of the Director General and in which the scheme An order of immediate action was issued against Mirza Afzal Baig son of Mirza Munawar Baig for occupying lands in 27A, after which an order was issued in DC / K / E / Rev / 431/2020 by Deputy Commissioner East 33 has been directed to take immediate action against the occupation mafia and stop the sale and purchase of the so-called fake society viz. AG Sindh Cooperative Housing Society.

On the other hand, according to the verified information received by Property Post, a grand operation has been prepared against the occupation mafia in Scheme 33.

DC East Muhammad Ali Shah, Director Encroachment Tariq Dhaijo, SSP Malir Irfan Bahadur have prepared their strategy against the occupation mafia which is consuming government land for free.

Officers and personnel of Anti-Encroachment Force have also been selected in this grand operation while the force of Malir district has also started preparations for full operation.

According to sources, a government grand operation against the Occupy Mafia is expected any day in the coming days.


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