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PM Khan called Construction Industry to avail the amnesty scheme before deadline

Islamabad: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan called on the construction industry to avail the amnesty scheme launched for its benefit before the December 31 deadline — with the initiative having been launched in light of the adverse economic impact of the ongoing corona virus pandemic and the lock down imposed to curb its spread.

The PM asked the construction industry to utilize the said scheme now, as the country’s obligations to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) would make it impossible to introduce a similar program after the communicated deadline. He made these comment while addressing a press conference following the first meeting of the National Coordination Committee on Housing and Construction.

The aforementioned scheme had been launched back in April, when the government had announced an incentive package for the construction industry and real estate that would allow people to invest without disclosing their sources of income.

This followed Pakistan’s previous attempt at removing its name from the FATF grey list — with the country having been provided time till April to make all the necessary changes. However, in view of the corona virus pandemic, this deadline was later extended till October


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