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PM Khan announced the creation of 15 National parks in the country

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced the creation of 15 national parks across the country.

Addressing a function on environmental protection in Islamabad on July 2, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that protection of the environment was essential in the context of Pakistan’s rapidly growing population.

The Prime Minister said that the government was taking steps for the promotion of tourism and the decision to create 15 national parks in the country would be a big step for future generations which would also provide employment to the people.

He said that Pakistan is rich in natural beauty, we have to highlight it. I have seen Murree and Galyat destroyed in my life, there should be rules for them before opening a tourist area. Saving other animals, including markhors, is also the responsibility of locals. Taking steps to provide a safe environment for the next generation.

Addressing the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Prime Minister said that he was asking Mahmood Khan not to open tourist places till they became by-laws. Therefore, tourism is not brought to destroy these areas. It is feared that unplanned constructions in KP could damage national parks. As the population grows, it is damaging areas that should have been saved.

The Prime Minister further said that the decision of 15 National Parks is a big step for future generations, guidelines will be given on how to make National Parks safe, National Parks will also provide employment to local youth, people will get employment in these parks and will protect it

Imran Khan lamented that there is no master plan of our cities due to which cities are being destroyed, we will save our cities by doing master and town planning.


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