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Pakistan’s National Hero, Selling Pakoras On The Street of Swat

ppostnews: Swat, Asmat Ali, a National Ski Champion, forced to sell pakoras on the streets of Swat.

Eight times gold medal winner and National Ski champion, 30 years old, Asmat Ali , belongs to the small town of Malam Jabba in Swat. Having the enthusiasm of doing something for his country, Asmat started skiing going on to become a National Ski Champion.

Dedicating all his wins to his country, Asmat has won a total of 35 medals in national and international competitions. However, today there is no recognition for Asmat’s achievements. He is selling pakoras at a small stall to make ends meet.

“I am forced to sell pakoras because I was unable to find a job.”

While the negligence of our government towards national heroes is appall able, self-made player and champion Asmat Ali craves government’s attention towards the field of sports especially skiing through which tourism can also be developed in the area.

As an attraction, Asmat sometimes showcases his talent on the request of the tourists.


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