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Pakistani Passport makes a huge improvement in latest Passport Rankings for 2020

The Passport Index, the world’s leading real-time passport ranking tool, has ranked Pakistani passport at 192nd spot in the Individual Passport Power Ranking (IPPR) 2020.

Pakistani passport’s ranking has significantly improved this year as it jumped up 6 places from the 198th position for 2019.

IPPR is compiled by combining both the Mobility Score (MS), the number of countries one can visit without a visa, or they can obtain a visa on arrival, and United Nations Development Program’s Human Development Index (UNDP HDI). The higher the MS, the better the IPPR. UNDP HDI serves as a tie-breaker in case passports have the same MS.

Pakistani passport has a MS of 33 as its bearers enjoy the facility of visa-free access to 7 and visa on arrival in 26 countries


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