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Pakistan Goes Up In World Economic Ranking You & I may have conflicts with the agenda behind CPEC but the facts are that the project is still in progress and yet it has lifted up Pakistan’s ranking in the world.

World Economic Forum Report placed Pakistan at the 115th position this year from the 122nd position last year.

In comparison to neighboring countries, Pakistan ranking is still low, despite that Pakistan ranking is much better this year.


Here is a comparison of Pakistan with its neighboring countries ranking:

Country Ranking
Pakistan 115
India 40
Malaysia 23
Thailand 32
Indonesia 36

Now comparison of Pakistan with Pakistan from 2014 to 2018 gives this picture

Year Ranking
2014 133
2016 126
2017 122
2018 115

This shows that from the 133rd position it has now jumped to 115 position which is commendable.

Infrastructure ranking of Pakistan is 110 and it is one of the major reason of its improvement in overall rankings.

Country Overall Ranking Infrastructure Ranking
Pakistan 115 110
China 27 46

Now the irony is that after CPEC Pakistan’s infrastructure ranking has gone up while China’s ranking in infrastructure went down, consecutively in past two years.

On one side we should be happy that CPEC has improved Pakistan ranking in the world but it’s partner’s ranking has gone down which is a point of concern. It raises the question that whether the project will finish or it will just put Pakistan in debt with no progress whatsoever. There are foreign issues as well regarding CPEC. India and USA criticism and claims regarding CPEC can cause issues for Pakistan and China.

The development, roads, infrastructure, building, airports under CPEC give a sign of hope but relying completely on CPEC will be a mistake as well.


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