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Pak-China Friendship Green Park Built in Gwadar by COPHC

The Newly constructed Pak-China Friendship Green Park in Gwadar would be Gradually Built into the most Distinctive cultural Landscape in the area, said Zhaang Baozhong, Chairman of China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) on Saturday.

He said the company will Join hands with the Local people of Gwadar to Build a Dynamic Gwadar Port with a stronger economy and a better Environment.

I hope the whole city of Gwadar will Benefit from the Development of Gwadar Port and realize a “win-win” situation between economic and ecological Development, he said.

According to a reported published by China Economic Net (CEN), named after Pak-China Friendship Green Park, this Plantation was Completed last week under the cooperation of the sister cities Gwadar and Puyang in Henan Province, China, as well as China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC).

The Park is Located on the south side of China-Pakistan Friendship Road leading to the port and laid under Hill Koh-e-Batil, covering an area of 60 acres. Gwadar has a Hot Desert climate, Characterized by Little precipitation and High variation Between summer and winter temperatures.

Serious soil salinisation has led to a Low  Survival Rate of Plants. Faced with these Difficulties, COPHC has made Great efforts to transform the Ecological Environment of Gwadar by improving the coverage of plantation in this area, and it has successfully planted hundreds of tropical Economic tree species that can adapt to High Temperature , salt and alkali, wind and sand, and Draught.


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