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One window operation is being launched for the construction sector and builders – PM Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that one window operation is being launched for the construction sector and builders, adding that New Pakistan has given a subsidy of Rs 30 billion for housing scheme.

Imran Khan said that every province is working on one window operation. Under the housing scheme, every house will get a subsidy of Rs 3 lac. For the construction of a 5 Marla house, only 5% interest will have to be paid on the loan, the rest will be subsidized by the government.

The Prime Minister said that the number of NOCs for construction has been reduced and window operation has been started. No government has ever provided such facilities for the construction sector.

These concessions for the construction sector are for one year only. We have reduced taxes for the construction sector. We have talked to all the banks to keep 5% of their portfolio for the construction sector.

Imran Khan said that as soon as people get jobs, the economy will go up. Banks in Pakistan give only 0.2% loans. We have decided to revive the economy through housing and construction industries.

He added that how to run the economy? This is the problem of the whole world today, there is a recession all over the world, the economy has stagnated, most of the banks in the world give loans for houses, the economy has stagnated all over the world due to Corona virus.


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