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Officially Shipping and Trading from Gwadar Port will start in October

ppostnew.com: Loginex Shipping has announced that with the collaboration of the Gwadar Port Authority and China Overseas Ports Holding Company Pakistan (COPHC Pakistan), the concession-holder of the Gwadar Port and Free Zone, the first continuous commercial trading and port business activity at Gwadar will start in October.

China Overseas Ports Holding Company Pakistan (COPHC Pakistan) is a branch of COPHC Hong Kong. The objective of the company is to develop the region’s most strategically located sea port into a hub of maritime trading in the region. COPHC consists of the Gwadar International Terminal, Gwadar Maritime Services Ltd., and Gwadar Free Zone Company, all created separately to cater to the needs of the business at Gwadar Port, which is fast emerging as the future of commercial activity attracting investors and business houses from all over the World.

Loginex Shipping is a reputable company involved in the shipping business having a vast experience in the field. Loginex is rapidly developing a solid reputation within the Pakistan import and export community as a capable can-do freight forwarder outfit, no matter what the task. Loginex is involved in various business activities in the freight industry as well as dealing with valuable products with Narrow shelf times.

Loginex shipping, along with it various business partners and affiliates are committed to the rapid promotion and development of trade and business activities at Gwadar.
Source: Loginex Shipping


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