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No action could be taken against 422 buildings, another building collided with the adjacent building

No action could be taken against 422 buildings declared damaged in Karachi. Now another building collided with the adjacent building. Two weeks ago, 22 people were killed and several others injured when a dilapidated building collapsed in Liaquat Colony area of ​​Lyari. I came but as usual the matter went backwards and now another building is probably waiting to collapse

In the last six months, three dilapidated and illegally constructed buildings have collapsed in the city and many lives have been lost under their rubble. Sindh Building Control Authority is responsible for stopping the construction of wrong buildings and evacuating the dilapidated buildings. This agency is under the Ministry of Local Government of Sindh and its Minister is Syed Nasir Hussain Shah who not only visited the site of the collapse of the building in Lyari with other ministers but also held a high level meeting in the office of Commissioner Karachi the next day. Had directed strict action against damaged and illegal buildings in the entire city but no action has been taken till date.

The SBCA and the administration are completely silent in this regard. Now, once again, a four-storey building in Allama Iqbal Colony near Lyari’s Rapidi Kalakot has collided with an equal building and is constantly sinking into the ground. The building is empty of residents till Thursday. The SBCA officials have not taken any action despite receiving the information. Thus, there is a danger of another accident at any time.


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