National Savings to launch Shuhada Families’ Welfare Account, certificates for disabled persons Pakistan National Savings Directorate has prepared Hercules road map for next eight to 12 months bringing new avenues of the investment for every citizen of the country to increase their monthly income and also be part of ever increasing economy.

Zafar Masud, the Director General of National Savings from Islamabad in an exclusive talks with Dunya News, said that after brain storming with the team members we arrived with the conclusion that series of new avenues should emerge so that the people of Pakistan have several safe havens for their hard earned money and income.

“Our main motive has been to pass on the benefits of their hard earned money placed with the National Savings and would be part of the national economy”, Masud said. The investors through these new products would get market driven returns. “We have planned to give special returns to the families who martyred in the line of the duty, there will be army, rangers and police force”, he explained.

The new product to be launched soon would be called “Shudda Families Welfare Account”, he said.

The families belonging to army, rangers and police force would get handsome return on monthly basis on their accounts so that without any burdens their family members can run day to day affairs with a little comfort.

Zafar Masud added more over after long deliberations we have planned to give benefits to our disabled persons through national saving directorate.

He elaborated further that the disabled persons would be clubbed to behbood certificates. The maturity of these certificates would same as 10 years and returns currently paid to certificate holders has been 9.36 percent. They will get these certificates after showing the CNIC with disability logo.

NSS recently asked the government to exempt the upcoming products from any tax, so government through its apex body-Economic Coordination Committee has exempted the product from withholding tax.


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