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MCL approves Building and Zoning Bylaws 2017 Lahore, The Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL) has approved the Baldia Act 2013’s new Building and Zoning Bylaws 2017, according to a news source. The approval was granted by Lahore Mayor Col (R) Mubashir Javaid. A notification has been sent to the Government of Punjab to issue a gazette for the new bylaws.

The new bylaws allow construction of pillars in residential units, while making it mandatory for high-rise buildings to have pillars. In addition, the residential units having at least three floors have been granted permission to install elevators. The bylaws have banned the installation of billboards and hoardings on residential plots. Furthermore, the duration for the issuance of completion certificates has also been reduced.

According to the new rules, residential units of 5 marla or bigger sizes, and all commercial units, are bound by law to set up rainwater harvesting systems to avoid wastage of water. Residential units are also required to be energy efficient by insulating the external walls, rooftop and windows. Homeowners are also bound by law to keep the exterior of their houses clean, a failure to do which can lead to imprisonment or fine, or both.

In the new bylaws for commercial units, a unit’s depth or elevation by six inches is no longer objectionable. In addition to that, the wall between two commercial buildings can also be removed to arrange for an entrance.

For high-rise residential units, windows disturbing the privacy of neighbours are not allowed, while commercial unit are to arrange for the parking space according to the existing laws. Furthermore, the building plans of units that switch to commercial with the approval of the concerned department cannot be changed, and all commercial units are bound according to the new laws to use LED lights and solar power inside the lobbies and passageways. All buildings having a height of 60 feet and above are required to get an approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, along with all other departments concerned.

The new Building and Zoning Bylaws 2017 will be applicable as soon as the gazette notification is issued.


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