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Malik Riaz announced a Glow Park & Mega Shopping Mall in Karachi

Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain has announced to build a Mega Shopping Mall in Karachi Bahria Town and a Glow Park in the style of Dubai Garden Park.

Bahria Town will play a vital role in promoting national and international tourism. It will be a premium shopping mall with all kinds of local and international brands, games area for all kinds of entertainment, music area and famous national and international restaurants and cafes for food.

Built in the style of the Glow Garden in Dubai, it is the first Glow Park in Pakistan to be built in Karachi after Islamabad. This shopping mall and park will be an interesting recreational place for the residents of Bahria Town and its environs and will also be a tourist destination for the people of Karachi.

It would be a beautiful park gleaming with lights, where many marine animals and bright masterpieces of sea plants will be kept in attractive places. There are sea turtles, seahorses, fish and a variety of sea plants that will be of interest to adults as well as children and add to the beauty of the park.

Bahria Town Karachi has world class interest and entertainment centers that provide education, health as well as every standard entertainment to the residents of Bahria Town and the people of Karachi including notable Bahria Dancing Fountain, Denzo, Carnival, Bahria. Includes Adventure Land, Theme Park, Eiffel Tower. Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium and the world’s third largest mosque will soon be completed. All these centers are playing a valuable role in the development of Pakistan’s tourism and tourism industry.

The highest national flag in the history of Pakistan has been hoisted on the world’s highest oblique flagpole, which will be formally inaugurated on August 14, 2020 with a grand ceremony. Bahria Town Karachi has built the world’s tallest oblique flagpole, proving once and for all that it is capable of keeping the name and flag of the Holy Land high at all times and strives for it at all times. The 100-meter-high flagpole has been named the world’s tallest oblique flagpole. The 110-tonne steel conical tower has been completed in a short span of six months. The size of the flag hoisted on it is 15 x22.5 meters according to the height.


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