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Katrak Mansion will be converted into residential-commercial property

Karachi: A real estate development company has decided to convert the Katrak Mansion in the city into a residential-commercial property. The mansion is a stunning 129-year-old structure.

The company acquired the building in June 2017, and maintained that the mansion would not become a high-rise building. The company’s chairperson said that they would maintain the building’s status as a residential-commercial property. He added that they would also construct a museum inside the premises.

According to the details revealed by the developer, they would keep the building’s facade intact but strengthen it and make it green. Project officials revealed that due to its bad condition, the building ranked low on the list of declared heritage sites. They added that the plan was to restore the building from the outside and raise a new structure comprising residential apartments. The developer stated that they were working with a British architect for the repurposing of the Katrak Mansion.

The Katrak Mansion is located on the crossing of the Abdullah Haroon Road (Victoria Road) and the Hochand Road. The area enjoys the status of a cultural zone and newly constructed high-rises now surround the mansion


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