Karachi Circular Railway (KCR)’s new batch of carriages is expected soon

Karachi: The test run for the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR)’s new batch of carriages is expected soon; with the latter’s preparation already having been initiated in a factory appointed for the purpose, a news source reported on September 3. These carriages will run on the KCR track which is also being prepped for the first phase of the restoration project.

According to details, the Pakistan Railways (PR) has cleared a 14-kilometre track of the KCR between Karachi City Station and Shah Abdul Latif Station near Orangi Town. As per the railways officials, the construction of carriages in currently underway at the Carriage Factory Rawalpindi. The first carriage will be transferred to Karachi in a few days and will be tested on the track under a trail run.

The carriage will also be properly inspected to determine if any additional facilities could be provided within them. Following the test run, a total of 25 carriages will be produced for the project.


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