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Kachhi Canal phase 1 is completed, 72000 acres land converts in green field

A transformation of Rs 80 billion project launched in Balochistan. First face of Kachhi Canal project has been completed and water has reached through Kachhi canal to Dera Bugti to turn over 72,000 acres barren land into green fields. Water Supply to Kachhi Canal has been started from central Punjab. This project feasibility was started in 1999 but due to lack of commitment by subsequent governments it became a sick project. There was corruption, negligence and inefficiency. Many snags had hit the project. In 2013, this project was picked up as priority project by Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif government. Ahsan Iqbal  visited the project in Sep 2013 to remove bottlenecks and funds were managed from PSDP by Ministry of Planning, Dev & Reform. but now that is fortune for Balochistan that their dream has come true and prosperity will come over there.

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