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K-IV water supply project is being handed over to the federal government – CM Sindh

The K-IV water supply project is being handed over to the federal government, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah announced on Saturday.

He was inaugurating the Sandspit Manora Road.

The chief minister said quite a bit of work has been completed on the K-IV project and they are handing it over to the Centre under the Karachi Package. The Karachi Package has a lot of projects under it, he said.

Work on the K-IV began in 2002. The project is meant to provide more water for Karachi, a city that perpetually faces a water shortage.

The K-IV’s proper name is the Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme. It is a 121km canal network that is supposed to bring 650 million gallons a day of filtered water to Karachi. It is still stuck at the first phase of construction for one-third or 260mgd.

It recently landed back in CM Shah’s lap after multiple flaws were found in its design.

I find it unfortunate that the federal government is blaming Sindh for the gas and power problems in Karachi, he said.

He said he has given orders to construct the road from Gull Bai to Y Junction Road. I have also given instructions to improve the Manora waterfront, he said, adding that local people will be given jobs in these projects.

The administration has been directed to help local people progress, said Shah.

He plans to turn the newly formed District Keamari into a model district. We will make the road infrastructure, water and sewerage system better, he vowed.


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