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Indian Supreme Court frees 17 Hindus extremist, who burn Muslims

New Dehli : The Indian Supreme Court today released 17 extremist Hindus who have burned 33 Muslims alive in the 2002 Muslim riots in Gujarat.

It should be noted that all these extremist Hindus were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Gujarat High Court against whom they had filed a petition in the Supreme Court on the basis of allegations of Muslim massacre in Gujarat.

A three-member bench comprising Chief Justice SA Bobeda, Justice BR Guai and Surya Kant in the Indian Supreme Court ruled that none of these criminals will remain in Gujarat after being granted independence, but they will be sent to Madhya Pradesh. To live in two cities, Jabalpur and Indore.

All those released will perform public service for only seven hours a week and report their presence at the local police station each week. On the other hand, the District Legal Services Authorities in Indore and Jabalpur have also been directed to provide suitable employment for all those released so that they can fulfill their needs “with dignified means”.

Apparently, the verdict “guarantees” those convicted of Muslim riots in Gujarat, but it is in fact a freedom in which sanctions are almost negligible.


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