Index Watch – here’s how real estate prices fluctuated in Aug This index is presented by and It is an effective tool used to make sense of the market and make informed real estate decisions.

Let’s have a look at some important indices from the month of August.

Pakistan House Price Index

Pakistan House Price Index showed an improvement of 2.26 points in August, and currently stands at 220.35. The housing market of Pakistan has remained more or less stable this month, and overall the prices have gone up when compared to the last two months.

Pakistan Plot Price Index

Despite the good performance of the housing market, the Pakistan Plot Price Index in August closed at 245.35, which is a 0.09% fall from last month. This shows a slight drop in the market for plots in the country.

Lahore House Price Index

The housing market of Lahore has shown stable improvement, and prices have gone up slightly. This is reflected by Lahore’s House Price Index, which stands at 229.38, after an improvement of 0.26% as compared to July.

Lahore Plot Price Index

The Lahore Plot Price Index has fallen by 0.55 index points, the decrease being 0.19%, and currently stands at 296.79 points. This slight decrease in prices is consistent with the general perception that buying and selling of plots has slowed down a little in the city.

Karachi House Price Index

Karachi’s housing market is going through a slow but consistent upturn and stands at 196.23 for the month of August. The increase of 0.46% points this month comes at the back of a 1.03% increase the previous month.

Karachi Plot Price Index

The sharp increase in the prices of plots underpins the improvement in the city’s real estate market. For the month of August, the Karachi Plot Price Index increased to 240.18. The increase of 6.85 points, which roughly equals 2.94%, illustrates moderate growth in value of plots in Karachi.

Islamabad House Price Index

In August, the Islamabad House Price Index went up by 1.12 points, and at the end of the month came to 187.16. This is an ascent of 0.6%, which shows that the market slightly improved this month as compared to July, when it fell by 2.4 points.

Islamabad Plot Price Index

The improvement in the Islamabad market in the houses category is complemented by a similar upturn in the plots category. At the end of August, the Islamabad Plot Price Index stood at 284.94, the increase being 1.12 points, which roughly equals 0.39%. The market in the city is seeing activity in societies that are found near infrastructural developments


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