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IMF has indicated the possibility of improvement in Pakistan’s Economy

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has indicated the possibility of recovery in Pakistan’s economy during the financial year 2021.

According to the details, the IMF report titled “Policy Measures of Countries” has highlighted the government’s measures to control the corona virus. From mid-April, the federal government gradually eased the lock down through liaison with the provinces, allowing industries to resume their activities where the risk of Corona outbreak was low, as well as implementing new SOPs for small shops. Allowed to reopen with

The report said that the federal government announced a relief package of Rs. 1200 billion on March 24, which is now being implemented and will be continued in the financial year 2020-20. Restoration of domestic flights, train services and international flights have also lifted restrictions on domestic and international movement.

The IMF report also cites important steps taken by the federal and provincial governments to reduce the economic impact of the corona virus epidemic. Since the onset of the corona virus crisis, provincial governments have been implementing effective fiscal measures, including providing cash assistance to low-income households, tax relief and additional health care costs.

The report of the International Monetary Fund has shown the possibility of gradual improvement in the economy of Pakistan due to the economic recovery in the financial year 2021.


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