How to incorporate social media inspirations into your home decor

Many of us love going online and checking out those pretty homes and home décor ideas on Instagram and Pinterest etc. However, most of the time, these ideas are impractical and expensive to apply in your own home. So, here’s how you can take inspiration from the world of lifestyle blogs and social media, while keeping your own needs and convenience in mind.

Sourcing materials

The best way you can make your online inspirations fit into your budget is to source your materials cleverly. Salvaging resources from contractors can get you very economical and unique material. That pretty mosaic wall you saw on Instagram can be inexpensively achievable if you get a few surplus tiles from some construction sites.

Consider the climate

When considering online inspirations for your home, don’t forget to consider the climate of your area before making any changes. A floor to ceiling glass window may look gorgeous on P interest, but in hotter regions, it is a disaster. Keep these considerations in mind and adapt any idea you love into more climate-friendly projects.

Does it fit in?

It may sound obvious, but do ensure that whatever home decor ideas you’re taking from the internet fit in with the rest of your interior. If you live in an ultra-modern apartment accentuated with monochrome decor and straight lines, those beautiful gilded doors you see online will clash with your overall theme. The key is to have some objects that stand out without clashing with your interiors; so before making changes to your home, keep a broad theme in mind.

Budgeting is key 

Before undertaking any changes for your home, make a written budget and do not go beyond that. In many cases, the ideas you see on social media can turn out to be pretty expensive, so you need to have a complete cost analysis. Make the ideas fit into your budget by going for cheaper alternatives from your local markets. Ideas like replacing all your handles with brass doorknobs may sound pretty simple, but can turn out to be surprisingly expensive.

Do what you love!

Don’t just go for the latest trends you see on the internet for the sake of fashion. You have your own personal aesthetic sense and should follow it. After all, you’re the one who is living in the home, so impressing your guests with the latest Instagram decor trends is not really worth it if the decor doesn’t make you happy. Follow your instincts and decorate you house the way you love and is more suitable for your needs.


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