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How many illegal buildings are around the 5 big storm drains of Karachi ?

87,000 houses and 572 illegal commercial units are set up along 5 major drains

Sindh government sources said that 87,000 houses and 572 factories and industrial and commercial units were set up illegally along the city’s five major storm drains.

According to details, details of encroachments on Karachi’s storm drains have come to light. Sources in the Sindh government say that 87,000 houses have been built around five major storm drains.

Sources in the Sindh government say that most of the residential houses connected to the rainwater drains are illegal, most of the constructions are around the Gujjar drain. There are 5,961 houses around Gujjar Nala.

According to sources, there are 41,581 illegal residents on Gujjar Nala and 2,412 commercial constructions on Gujjar Nala.

Sources said that 572 factories and around 5 major storm drains

There are industrial trading units. 380 factories have been built on the 12 km long Orangi Nalla, 27,000 individual buildings and 4,480 houses on the Orangi Nalla.

According to sources, according to the Mahmoodabad Master Plan, the width has been reduced after the seizures. There are 156 commercial buildings, 1,049 houses and 5,900 other structures on the Mahmoodabad canal.

There are 12,336 different structures and 1,996 houses on the 30 km Malir River.

Sources said that alternative plans are being drawn up to remove encroachments along the rainwater drains, illegal non-residential structures will be demolished.


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