Housing society rules you should be aware of

Housing societies these days provide excellent living experiences due to certain sets of rules and regulations. These dictate what is required from the property owners and residents of a society so that it maintains its standards. You should keep these rules in mind when planning any change to your house that might come under them. Many times, changes you might consider as minor are not allowed by your housing society and you need to get prior permission to make a lot of these changes. Here are some changes that you should ask your housing society’s regulatory authority about before undergoing them.

Digging and water pumps

Most societies are very particular about the water table in their area and do not allow anything that might disrupt it. Therefore, any unauthorized digging can carry a heavy fine. In addition, bore wells, tube wells, and water pumps are not allowed except in extremely exceptional cases on a temporary basis. These actions are taken seriously, so under no circumstances should you do any digging or interfering with the main water supply without the society’s approval.

Maintenance of extra features  

Many societies have extra charges for features such as swimming pools and vegetable gardens. In many cases, people maintain lawns or vegetable gardens in empty plots next to their property. Permission needs to be taken from the housing society’s authorities before undertaking these measures and there might be extra charges involved for the usage of water etc in these features. Rockeries and fountains also have certain maintenance regulations. In fact, water bodies are not allowed in many societies now due to the dengue risk and water wastage involved. Rockeries need to be installed with some regulations in mind as well. These include such things as their distance from the boundary wall.

Covered areas

Alterations to your home which extend the amount of covered area on your property are regulated quite particularly by most housing societies as these can be fire hazards and also interfere with the general neatness of a society. In many cases, societies allow these additions up to certain fixed measurements.

In addition, you have to leave a certain amount of space on all sides of your property to prevent any possible fires from spreading and for security. The dimensions for these spaces are clearly stated by most society authorities and no obstruction or construction of any sort is allowed there.

Rules for renting

Renting out your property can involve a lot of paperwork and regulations in housing societies. You should inform the society authorities before renting the property out and give them the tenant’s details so that any issues can be averted well on time. Some societies or apartment complexes do not allow property to be rented out to bachelors or students so you should be well-informed about your society’s rules about renting out your property.  This can also help you if the tenants commit some crime or attempt to squat in your property.

Approved renovations

Housing societies will not allow you to make any renovations or demolitions which will affect your neighbour’s property or damage it. Anything that will cause disturbance in the society, like a noisy generator or other such machine can also incur fines in many societies. You cannot make permanent structures on areas outside your boundary walls in most cases either. These areas are considered to be the society’s property and you can only beautify them with plants and such.

Any renovation or demolition you want to undergo has to be approved and permitted by the society’s authorities in most cases.


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