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Malik Riaz released a video message about policies of BKT

He told the war that Bahria Town Karachi would be a world-class city in Pakistan

KARACHI: Bahria Town Chairman Malik Riaz Hussain has said that those who acquire plots’ flats and residences in Bahria Town Karachi will get world-class facilities. The plot, purchased for Rs 22 lakh, has gone up to Rs 66 lakh today.

The surcharge for international facilities will be received at the original cost of Rs. 22 lakhs. The same is noted in paragraphs Nos. 26 and 27 of the application form that the buyers of plots’ flat and house ‘have electricity’ gas’ water ‘medical facilities and other civil. Development costs of the facilities will have to be paid extra.

Bahria Town Karachi and Its Infinite Greed

He said this in a video message. He told the war that Bahria Town Karachi would be a world-class city in Pakistan. In each sector, the school ‘college’ sports field ‘high quality security system’ will provide continuous supply of electricity.

Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain said, “We will make forty-five rupees units of electricity ourselves and give it to our residents at the rate of KK twelve-fourteen rupees unit.”

Theme parks will also provide ‘museums’ best sewerage systems, drainage systems and international standard urban amenities ‘roads’ cleaning for residents.


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