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For maps approval PITB to help set up e-building project

Lahore: Provincial authorities, in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board, have formulated a plan to launch an e-building project to ensure building plan approvals within 30 days. The decision was made following Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s announcement of allotting ‘industry status’ to the construction sector.

According to details, commercial, semi-commercial, industrial and mixed-use buildings will have their approvals within 30 days. The WASA, Traffic Engineering & Planning Agency (TEPA) and Environment Protection Agency (EPA) will issue either no-objections certificates (NOCs) or the objections against the projects within 7 days.

The announcement has been made to facilitate recoveries by boosting activities for the construction sector. Initially, all the relevant documents will be received in the form of hard copies, but later a system of soft copies will also be introduced to further streamline the process.

As per reports, authorities have chalked out the details after discussions with the PITB. The project will be launched after the provincial chief secretary’s approval.


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