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FIA inquiry against Pakistan Housing Authority suspended for eight months

FIA Islamabad Inquiry No. 75/2019 in the Anti-Corruption Circle of Abadabad was registered on the complaint of Yasir Chaudhry

The FIA ​​investigation into alleged corruption in Pakistan Housing Authority in Islamabad has been postponed for eight months as delayed tactics are being used to provide the relevant records to the agency.

Yes, I am on leave, I do not know about the inquiry, the investigating officer said that the required documents are awaited, the Chief Engineer said, please provide the requested documents, Director FIA says Could not divulge details of inquiry.

According to details, FIA Islamabad Inquiry No. 75/2019 in the Anti-Corruption Circle of Abadabad was registered on the complaint of Yasir Chaudhry, a social worker with dual citizenship in the UK.

In 2017, the Pakistan Housing Authority developed a plan to provide cheap flats to the people and issued tenders under the Pakistan Housing Foundation, under which 3,200 flats of different categories were to be constructed on the said area. After the tender, it was decided to finalize the three companies.

The most amazing thing is that 800 flats consisting of three bedrooms were leased to a company which blacklisted in Pakistan Engineering Council and its license was revoked in 2016 and even then it was further facilitated.

It was also illegal that the company had given the second major offer and the contract should have been given to number one but the company also withdrew its submitted CDR (Construction Deposit Resolution) and about Rs 10 crore of Bud Money which was later dropped out of the Budget for the first time on “unknown reasons”. And despite the passing of Grace Pred, the aforementioned company was awarded a contract while in principle re-tendering Should.

Taking this stand, Inquiry Officer Inspector Nadeem Akhtar said that he was not only conducting 75/2019 inquiries of Pakistan Housing Authority but also another inquiry number 13/2019 in this regard. He called many officers and recorded their statements and also received some papers.

When contacted by Tariq, the then CEO of the PHA, he said that he was on leave and that he had “no knowledge” that the FIA ​​was conducting an inquiry. They said they would give the number to another officer of the company, but they refused. Shahid Farzand, the then chief engineer of the Pakistan Housing Authority, said that the FIA ​​had asked for some documents from them, but they have not received any notice of eviction till now.

In this regard, the Director of the FIA, Dr. Moin, who heads the Circle, said he could not divulge details of the ongoing inquiry.


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