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Federal govt reserved worth PKR 1.24 trillion for Main Line-1 & other Projects

Islamabad: The Federal government recently proposed the reservation of funds worth PKR 1.24 trillion for the development of various Pakistan Railway (PR)s’ projects under Budget 2020-21. These funds are expected to be utilized for several projects, including the construction and up gradation of the Karachi-Peshawar Main Line (ML)-1 at a cost of PKR 6 billion.

Additionally, the department will initiate development work required to launch 18 new ventures, including the Hawailian Dry Port project. As per the Budget 2020-21, the PR will utilise PKR 29 billion to pay salaries, pensions and various other allowances.

In addition to these expenses, the Railways will spend PKR 9.21 billion on the repair and maintenance of railway tracks and coaches, while PKR 24 billion will be spent other development projects during Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-21

In order to execute construction work at the planned infrastructural development projects, the government has proposed to reserve funds worth PKR 12.15 trillion. Moreover, sources within the PR have revealed that work on the ML-1 and the construction of the Hawalian Dry Port will begin during FY2020-21.


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