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federal government will bear deficit of Green Line BRT for 3 years

Karachi: The federal government has announced its decision to bear the deficit and manage the operations of the Green Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System for a period of three years, a news source reported. To facilitate this measure, the centre is expected to assign the task to the Sindh Infrastructure Development Company (SIDCL).

After three years, the executive will hand over the Green Line BRT’s operations to the Sindh government. According to the documents issued by the centre, the operational deficit of the project stands at PKR 163 million for the next three years. As per its commitment to the Karachi Package, the federal government will contribute PKR 5.639 billion to the BRT project. It will arrange the remaining finances from foreign resources.

According to sources, capacity of each bus in Green Line BRT is over 150 passengers (standing +seating). Meanwhile, the carrying capacity of the bus fleet is 300,000 passengers per day. The service life of the buses is 10 years.

The Green Line BRT System would help provide a fast, safe, and affordable urban transport service (UTS) to the citizens of Karachi.


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