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Crackdown started against all illegally constructions during the lockdown period

Rawalpindi: The Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has announced its decision to launch a crackdown against all illegal buildings located within its jurisdiction. The civic agency further stated that it will launch the said operation against structures illegally constructed during the lockdown period.

To facilitate this measure, RCB has assigned the task to its Building Branch, Engineering Branch and Building Control Cell. Moreover, it has hinted at terminating employees who have been working in the aforementioned departments for the past three years.

The board received various complaints against illegal construction work carried out during the lockdown phase and will take action such structures. It has already finalised an action plan under which the Building Control Cell, Engineering Branch and the Building Branch will identify all such structures in the first phase of the operation.

After the completion of the survey, the owners of these building will be notified to take the needed steps in seven days. Once the seven-day deadline expires, the RCB will begin its operations which may include demolition and/or imposition of heavy fines.

According to reports, crackdown against owners of these illegal buildings will start from June 1 onwards.


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