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CPEC projects have added 12000 MW to the national grid to reduce shortfall

Energy projects have been the major priority under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) since it is one of the most important crises the country is facing. Under these energy projects, 12000 MW has been added to the national grid. According to the reports of the Power division of the Federal Government, in numbers the demand for electricity is less than the supply. However, since the Federal Government has devised a policy of load-shedding to overcome loss making feeders, the country will continue to face load-shedding.

Despite complaints about power outages of varying durations from here and there, one has to accept a rather tall claim made by the Power Division of the federal government that the country is currently generating 2210 megawatts additional electricity than actual demand and as such the supply side has outpaced demand and load shedding has duly been overcome. According to the reports, the current demand for electricity stands at 16790 megawatts as per data available on Sunday while against this, total generation was 19000 megawatt and as such there is no shortfall of power in the country.

Under the great game changer China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) alone, Pakistan has installed power projects which have added about 12000 megawatt of power to the national grid.While reiterating that loss making feeders will continue to face electricity load shedding in accordance with the devised policy of the federal government, it would have been better if the people at large are also apprised about as to what measures are being taken to minimize line losses and reduce the number of loss making feeders and measures continuously being taken to considerably minimize the mischief understandings between the influential power consumers and lines staff for reducing less than consumed power bills in lieu of making line staff pockets heavy.

Needless to stress here that power transmission and distribution direly needs to be substantially improved to ensure smooth supply of power to all categories of customers without frequent interruptions and breakdowns particularly during summer season. It will also bring some relief as regards to power outages if repairs and rehabilitation of transmission and distribution system is undertaken during winter months except for emergency requirements.


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