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Court has indicted Mustafa Kamal in illegal land allotment case

A Karachi accountability court has indicted PSP founder Mustafa Kamal for abusing his authority as the Karachi mayor in 2005 by allotting 98 plots to favour DG Builders in Sea View.

NAB has accused Kamal of permitting a private construction firm to construct a multi-storey building on the plots he allotted illegally.

The plots cover 5,500 acres near Sea View. NAB says that the land was leased out to hawkers and shopkeepers in 1980, then leased out to a private firm, DG Builders. This caused loss of over Rs2.5 billion to the national exchequer.

Other men indicted are former Sindh government officials Fazalur Rehman, Mumtaz Haider and Nazeer Zardari, former SBCA DG Iftikhar Qaimkhani, Muhammad Yaqoob, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Rafiq and Nazeer Zardari.

The court summoned witnesses for the next hearing after the accused plead ed not guilty.

In July 2019, Kamal said that he has been wrongfully accused.

“If you can prove corruption of even a rupee, hang me in the streets,” the former mayor told SAMAA TV.

“I have not earned billions that I should stay quiet. Honour and honesty are my life’s most precious things, who will return my respect?”


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