Commissioner Karachi bans parking, encroachments and construction of illegal structures on footpaths

Karachi: Administrator Iftikhar Ali Shallwani notified the government’s decision to ban parking, encroachments and the construction of other illegal structures on the city’s footpaths. He added that any kind of parking around the building of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and other places was also impermissible.

The administrator said that the Supreme Court (SC) had issued orders against parking or any kind of establishment on footpaths. Shallwani said individuals should park their vehicles on one lane of the road. He added that in case of violation, the parking contractors would face strict action. Visiting the KMC building, he highlighted that people were facing trouble due to traffic congestion on the main roads owning to illegally-parked vehicles.

Shallwani revealed that the encroachment-removal process and fixing of parking issues around the KMC building was underway. He added that the process would soon take place across the city. Additionally, he instructed the staffers to start a cleaning drive for the building. He asked for replacement of glasses, cleaning of nameplates, creating a zebra cross outside the main gate, and painting of the footpaths.

The administrator also visited Syedana Tahir Saifuddin Road. He directed the anti-encroachment director to remove all illegally established cabins, pushcarts, and patharas from the road. He also took notice of parking contractors overcharging the public. He said all those involved in this activity would face strict action.

Shallwani stated that encroachments in Karachi were the main issue responsible for disrupting the traffic flow and beauty of the city. He explained that the local authorities did not want people jobless so establishments like pushcarts and patharas would be shifted to other suitable places. He ordered all departments concerned to perform their duties effectively to resolve civic issues.


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