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Civil Aviation Authority shared guidelines for Highrise construction near Airports

Karachi: The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recently issued a notice highlighting the guidelines that cellular companies, builders, and developers are expected to follow when applying for no-objection certificates (NOCs) for constructing high-rises near airports.

As per the publication, under rule 68, Section-3 of the Civil Aviation Rules (1994), the cellular companies, builders, and developers are required to obtain the NOCs if their proposed structures lie within a 15-kilometer radius of the airports. The CAA notice informed that the applicants seeking NOCs would have to forward their requests to the address of the Director General at Headquarters, CAA, Terminal-1, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. The applicants are also expected to attach the following documents with their applications:

    1. Project name
    2. WGS-84 geographical coordinates of the proposed site authenticated by Survey of Pakistan in degrees, minutes, seconds, and 1/100 of a second
    3. Map Scale 1:500,000 showing the proposed site authenticated by Survey of Pakistan
    4. The total height of the structure including installations on the roof and height of the tower above ground level
    5. Site plan of property issued by a relevant government authority

Reportedly, those who fail to comply with these procedures will be dealt with under the provisions of Civil Aviation Ordinance 1960 and Civil Aviation Rules 1994.


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