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China Races To Complete Karot-Hydropower Project Ahead Of Schedule

ppostnews.com: BEIJING, Sept 21 – China is racing to complete the Karot Hydro power Project located on the Jhelum River on the boundary between Punjab province and Azad Kashmir ahead of schedule.
“Construction on the power station is “set to finish nine months ahead of its December 2021 completion date.” Hydro power construction involves a considerable range of issues such as relocation of people. The shortened construction period suggested the project has gained understanding, support and trust from local authorities and the people, Global Times reported quoting Bloomberg on Thursday. In recent years, Pakistan has faced intermittent power outages of up to 18 hours a day. Power shortages coupled with high electricity rates hobbled.
The Karot project’s installed capacity is 720 megawatts. Additionally, hydro power is the cheapest source of electricity for Pakistan. The project can tangibly benefit the country’s economy, which is why it can gain support from local people.
The hydro power plant has long been seen by some observers as a flagship project of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
By financing the project, China can gain experience that may help future efforts by China to invest in the region.
According to a report, three major hydro power projects, including the Karot station, have been included in the CPEC. It said that those projects “are being executed at a fast pace in Azad Kashmir to provide cost-effective electricity to people.”


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