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China became largest importer of the Pakistani Red Valley Marble

According to General Manager Feng Zhua of Xiamen Stone Trading Company, his company imports 100,000 tonnes of marble annually from Pakistan. He said that China is the largest importer of the marble from Pakistan. Feng Zhua said that considering the quality of Pakistani marble, this is the first time that such a large quantity of marble is being imported.

According to Feng Zhua, Chinese buyers are more than happy with the quality of Pakistani stone than they had hoped for and are looking forward to further purchases through the China-Pakistan Economic Net. He said that last year 150 tons of marble was imported from Pakistan in 6 containers which could not reach due to the situation after Corona virus but he was so happy to see the sample that the red stripe in the stone. That is why this rock was named ‘Red Valley’.

He said that Pakistan has the best quality marble, the demand for red marble is increasing and they are not getting this stone from anywhere other than Pakistan and its quality is very high which buyers Very like

After the signing of the CPEC agreement, China has become a major importer of Pakistani products. Speaking of the stone industry, only China is importing more than one lakh tonnes of stone. Feng also said that one of the reasons for this is that there is no tax on imports from Pakistan, which is expanding the business. He said that Pakistan has a lot of potential which needs to be utilized in a timely manner.



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