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Centre and Sindh to immediately resolve Karachi’s three major problems’: PM

Islamabad: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan remarked that the nation was aggrieved by the recent plight of the residents of Karachi in the wake of the devastating flooding situation; for which the federal government would work with the Government of Sindh to resolve the ‘three major problems of the metropolis’ that are believed to have contributed to this issue.

The PM took to Twitter and said that the federal government and the Sindh government will join forces to clean the nullahs, resolved the drinking water problems and find a waste management solution to the metropolis’s garbage issues.

Khan said that ‘together the federal and provincial government will deal with nullahs’ clearing, encroachments impeding water channels ‘once and for all’. He added that a permanent solution for solid waste disposal and sewerage problems will be formulated, and the drinking water supply issues in the city will also be worked out.

In response, President Arif Alvi hailed the development and said that Sindh and Karachi will never be left alone.


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