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Cause of urbanflooding are encroachments on a large number of storm water drains – KMC

Karachi: The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) on Tuesday stated that the encroachments present on a large number of storm water drains in the city had perpetuated its recent urban flooding situation. The officials concerned cited a survey conducted by the KMC and the Sindh Irrigation Department a few years earlier that had showed that most of the city’s storm water drains had been occupied by illegally constructed structures.

KMC officials stated that the survey was forwarded to the Sindh government, along with recommendations. They added that ever since the completion of the survey, the number of encroachments obstructing the storm water drains in Karachi had increased.

According to the details shared, these encroachments affected the water flow following heavy rains – leading to urban flooding and significant damage in Karachi. The survey in subject determined that there were thousands of houses built on Gujjar Nullah – spanning across a distance of 13.5 kilometres. The results revealed that the provincial government required billions of rupees to shift these houses as well as provide alternate residences to the residents concerned.

The survey also indicated that 27 key water drains in the city were encroached by illegal structures – covering 5% to 80% of space on different drains. For example, the results showed that Songal Nullah at University Road was under 70% occupation by these encroachments. Similarly, City Nullah from Ranchhore Lane to Mai Kolachi was 70% covered, New Karachi’s 9000 Road drain 60%, and 7000 Road in the same area 30%. Meanwhile, Pehlwan Goth Nullah and Layari Haroonabad Nullah were each 30% encroached.


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